Google Cloud Reference Program: Showcasing Customer Success

In the race to be the number one public cloud provider, customer references are turbo fuel. distillery develops stories that are shared around the world, of Google Cloud customers that are using Google solutions to advance their businesses—and serve their own customers better.

The Backstory

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, public cloud providers are competing to be their number one choice. Gartner projects that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow by 17.5% in 2019, to a value of $214.3 billion. And in this race to the skies, customer references are turbo fuel.

The Insight

As one of the big four IaaS providers, Google Cloud has gathered a vast collection of stories from customers who are leading the way in science, healthcare, retail, technology and many more industries. Besides its innovative solutions, what sets Google Cloud apart from other cloud computing service providers, is its people-centric brand voice. By telling stories that hero the customer’s success, this customer reference program takes Google Cloud from service provider to cheerleader.


The Creative

We interview key stakeholders from companies using Google Cloud products, telling their stories in the form of blog posts that are published on the Google Cloud and the G Suite website, and slides that are presented at Google Cloud events around the world. Working with the customer, their implementation partner, and product marketing managers across Google, we help to shape the story and its strategic angle. Delving into the challenges of industries ranging from retail to healthcare to manufacturing to fintech, and more, we turn technical use cases into relatable customer benefits.

The Evidence

To date, the Google Cloud customer reference program counts multinational retailer Marks and Spencer, leading app-based challenger bank Monzo, cryptocurrency exchange Blockchain, and many more internationally renowned brands among its stories. As the program evolves over time, we’ve brought to life the experiences of brands like Virgin, Sky, and Metro; we’ve documented the growth of hundreds of


The Magic

We deep dive into specific use cases of Google Cloud products—these cover everything from digital transformation, data management and analytics to machine learning, productivity and collaboration. Fusing technical details with real examples of how companies are using Google Cloud to serve their customers better, we craft stories of innovation that are exciting, inspiring, and human.

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