We Are Pets of distillery

Happy #BringYourDogToWorkDay! To celebrate, we’re bringing you the mischievous, sassy and friendly Pets of distillery. Let’s get to know them a bit better in the words of their owners.

Lily Allen. No, not the singer, it’s Lottie’s cat!

Lily is a part tabby, part tortoiseshell rescue kitten from Cats Protection and she is nearly two years old. She’s very beautiful, but very sassy. Her favourite activities include avoiding hugs—cuddles are always on her terms—catching mice, running up and down the stairs at 3am, scratching the footstool in the living room and napping on her mum's lap. She's a right nuisance but we wouldn't change her for the world! ❤️ –Lottie Allen, Account Manager

Lily Allen.png

Noski and Poppy the dogs 🐶🐶 and Laura and Roger the ducks 🐥🐥

Noski is soppy, but a true princess. She can be playful one second and the complete opposite the next. She loves squeaky toys and watching people eat (while waiting for crumbs). Noski enjoys licking walls and sofas and munching on grass—not because she's unwell, she just loves grazing.

Her adoptive sister, Poppy, often tires of Noski’s antics and disapproves of all the wall-licking. They’re big girls and their breed, Caucasian Ovcharka, is known for being brave and protective… not that Noski and Poppy are. Poppy’s bark is bigger than her bite, and she'll run away from the smallest of things!

With ducklings, you can never really tell if they're male or female—unless you, y’know, REALLY look. So when Laura was little we thought she was most likely a girl. BOY were we wrong. Although she was a he, the name stuck. Laura loves sunbathing in his paddling pool with his friend, Roger—who is, you guessed it, female—and occasionally playing with Noski. He can be affectionate and enjoys a cuddle now and then. Watch out though, he’ll chase your feet to the ends of the earth to peck them. Ouch.–Rika Kulsavat, Production Assistant

Laura _ Roger.jpg

Astro, Chief Naughty Officer and Puppy Eye Expert

Astro is an 8-month-old pug who has brought boundless energy, excitement and love into our lives. His favourite activities include befriending all dogs, cream cheese, chasing his hoomans at the park, ‘zoomies’ and demanding attention. Join his Insta squad here. –Erin Erginer, Social Strategist


Buddy. 5-year-old Jack Russell

Buddy’s favourite things are eating food he shouldn't (including an entire box of dark chocolates from under the tree one Christmas, resulting in a very expensive Christmas Eve trip to the vet), cuddles under a blanket, chasing cats, and attacking the post as it comes through the letterbox—really annoying depending on the post that day. –Anna Saunders, Assistant distiller


Smallie the dog and Mona the tiger

Smallie is a Malaysian-born mini schnauzer that Sam paid an arm and a leg to bring over when she returned to the UK—and is worth every penny. At eight years old Smallie is an old man, but will probably always have a baby face. It’s one of the reasons he gets away with so much, especially when left in the care of his best friend JR.

Mona is a beautiful tiger cat, part Bengal, part tabby. Her hobbies include discovering unusual places to nap, treating every tiny space like a tunnel, pouncing on the dog, and ignoring the cat piano her parents bought her. Mona’s special talent is rushing at tremendous speed to wherever you are at the sound of “MONA! BUGS!” then taking down and promptly eating any insect you point to. House flies are her favourite.

And of course, both little terrors have their own hashtag. For a growing archive of adorable pictures, check out #itsasmallieworld and #monaofmileend on Instagram. –Sam Hepburn, Senior Copywriter

Smallie and Mona.jpg

Ruby. Sock lover. Ball chaser. Master chewer.

Ruby is our office dog who works from home. She never met a sock she didn’t like. Ruby has a taste for hard drives and loves endless cuddles. She was also the star of a Dogs Trust video. Say hi to her on Instagram. –Steve Wheen, Master distiller