#RidiculouslyGood Coffee: Cafédirect

We were recently approached by Cafédirect, the UK’s largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks brand (and the UK's first B Corp certified coffee producer!), who commissioned two pieces of content from us.

The first brief was to create a film to tie into the launch of their new brand look and feel, whilst also educating the audience about their history and ‘alternative’ business model, as well as promoting their hashtag #RidiculouslyGood.  The second brief was to raise awareness of Cafédirect’s partnership with Hario V60 by creating a piece of how-to content which demonstrates how simple it is to use a V60 coffee maker.

When approaching the brand film, the main challenge was how do we fit in all of Cafédirect’s brand history into a 90 second film, without turning the viewer off.  To solve this, we worked closely with our Cafédirect client to pull out the key moments, whilst keeping our creative hats on to ensure the film would be fast-paced, not too heavy with business jargon and visually appealing.  

The final film combined existing footage, with graphics, stock footage and special effects, you can take a look at our handy work below:


Producing the V60 film gave us the exciting opportunity to become coffee experts in our own right!  

We worked closely with Cafédirect’s very own Coffee Q Grader (essentially a coffee boffin!) and visited their roastery to ensure we had a thorough understanding of how Cafédirects coffee is grown, what makes it so special and how best to approach a V60 coffee maker.

This new insight into coffee ensured we were fully briefed for the production of the how-to video.

As this was a how-to film, we recommended that the ever-popular ‘top-down’ filming style was used to clearly show how you use the V60.  We broke the steps down in 5 easily digestible and easy to follow pointers, and tested it ourselves ahead of the filming day.

The result was an informative, fun and easy to follow how-to film, take a look below:


Make sure to follow our V60 film when preparing your next pot of coffee –or, even better, let’s have a coffee together while talking about how you can also use great content to boost your brand’s online visibility. Get in touch!